Private Tours

What is a Private Tour?
Our public tours are for couples or groups of 4-6 people who join a full tour of 12 to 14 people.

Private tours are desirable when you have a full group of your own and you'd like to plan a tour all by yourself.

Private tours are identical to our public tours.  They involve all the same food tasting and cultural stops.

Depending on the day, private tours can have a more flexible start and end time.

We can schedule a private tour any day of the week except Tuesday, based on availability.
Private Tour Pricing.
We accommodate private groups of 2-16 people based on tour guide availability.

Private tour rates are:

2 people: $349.00
3 people: $399.00
4 people: $449.00
5 people: $479.00
6 people: $499.00
7 people: $529.00
8 people: $549.00
9 people: $579.00
10 people: $599.00
11 people: $649.00
12 people: $709.00
13 people: $765.00
14 people: $819.00
15 people: $855.00
16 people: $912.00

Who Books Private Tours?

All kinds of groups book private tours.  Some of the most common are:

-Corporate Off Sites.
-Mom's Day Out with Friends.
-Team Building.
-Family Reunions.
-Bachelorette Party.
-Anniversary Party.
-Birthday Party.
-Book Club.
-Singles Meet up.
-Sports Teams.
-College Roommates.
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