Frequent Questions 

How long is the tour?
3.5 hours.
Do I purchase tickets in advance?  Can I just show up with cash?
All tickets are sold in advance. We cannot accept cash. Tickets can be purchased with a credit card online (click the ticket link below) or by calling (866)736-6343.
What days and what times?
Fridays and Sundays from 2:25pm to 6:00pm.
Do we pay for food along the way?
No, once you buy a ticket there are no additional costs or taxes for food, or waiter tips.
How much does the tour cost?
$59.00 when you use the online promo code CL6. That's 25% off the regular $79.00 price.
What happens if it rains?
Tours run rain or shine. Check the weather report before your tour and if need bring an umbrella or rain gear.
Are there tours all year?
We tour from April to October each year. We don't tour in the rainy winter season.
How much food is there on this tour?
This is more of an eating tour than a tasting tour. Most people are full by the end of the tour and don't eat dinner afterwards. Definitely eat breakfast and a nibble at noon the day of the tour.
Are there food option for special diets?
Yes, we make substitutions for vegetarians, and diets that are milk, nut, gluten and alcohol free. Let us know when you purchase your ticket and we'll have substitutions for you.
If I am not eating do I need to purchase a ticket?
Yes, all guests on all tours must purchase a ticket. If you want to come on the tour without eating we can make a special price for you. Email us at scfoodtour@gmail.com to find out more.
Is there parking near the meeting place?
Yes. There is easy parking at or near our meeting spot. Parking details are provided with your ticket confirmation.
Is this tour interesting for locals, or only good for tourists?
Locals make up 55% of our guests and they love it. We go off-the-beaten-path and tell stories that are not generally known to locals. Most people tell us that what they experienced on our tour was new to them. Our tours have hidden history and points of interest that locals love to discover.
We have a group. Can we book a private tour?
Absolutely. Check out our Private Group Tour Page or send us an email and we'll respond within 24 hours.
Are we on our feet a lot. How much standing is there?
On the downtown Santa Cruz tour we are walking or standing most of the time. We have three sit-down locations for a total of 45 sit-down minutes. The rest of the time we are walking or standing.
Can children take the tour?
All children are unique and unrepeatable. Parents will know best whether their children should take a tour. Tours are 3.5 hours long and involve walking, standing and listening. Parents should decide on a case-by-case basis whether our tours are appropriate for their child.
Are beverages served on the tour?
Yes, there is water available at most of our stops. Some people choose to bring along a water bottle of their own.  One of our tasting includes micro-brewed beer.  if you don't drink beer or alcohol we will provide a yummy substitution.
Are there bathrooms on the tour?
Yes, there are bathrooms at each of our six tasting locations.
Are pets allowed on the tour?
Because we go in and out of restaurants we can't accommodate pets on our tours.
Is tipping expected?
Tipping is customary in the tour business. If you have a great time and want to recognize your guide a 15% tip is customary.
Do we just walk around and eat?
No way! We explore historic neighborhoods and learn about culture, history, and architecture along the way. This helps your food digest between tastings.  At the end of our tours most guests say their favorite part was the history and architecture.
Is the tour wheelchair friendly?
Our tour is not wheelchair accessible because of the steep hill we climb and the 74 steps we descend.
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